North East

Hi all, any good places to fly in the North East of England? Somewhere that I’m not going to get told off. Haha.

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Hi, I love the coast around Whitby, done a few flight from the large open grass sight near the Whitby Abbey, The beach between Redcar and Saltburn is normally not to busy, just the odd dog walker etc.

When it gets too hot or people bother you just go for a pint in the Whitby Micro Brewery, If you go on a thursday you may find me having a nice pint of Jet Black. Good luck and safe flying.


I’ve flown next to the abbey before and got told off from a member of staff, I was about the same distance at your shot above. Going back to whitby this weekend for a few nights as my parents have a caravan in hawsker.

Sorry to hear you got bother of staff, never bothered me. I took off from the far corner of the grass area and went straight up to a couple of hundred feet, probably never knew I was there. Wonder who owns that patch of grass ?

Yeah that’s the patch I took off from to, I think it belongs to the council, as its outside the abbey grounds. I’ll try again this weekend.

If it is council ground then the Abbey staff can not stop you , as far as I am aware you can fly over their buildings as long as you do not take off or land on their ground . They have no control over the air above their grounds, that is controlled by the CAA . Good luck for the weekend.

Yeah that’s what I thought, she asked me if I knew all the rules and regulations to flying, so I politely told her them, she then sat in her car and waited for me to bring it down. Haha. I’ll upload what I capture :+1:

Look forward to your video. Good luck :slight_smile:

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