North Somerset checking in

Hi everyone,

Just a quick introduction.

I’ve been flying for a good few years from back around 2014, starting off with a hobby Hubsan x4 and then quickly moving to building my own quads for racing with a Taranis, FatShark HD2s, RunCams etc. Ranging from small 80mm indoor madness quads up to my favourite 220mm tank. I found I really enjoyed building them, learning about all the electronics and improving my soldering skills, especially when you finally get them up in the air.

Having not flown due to various reasons for a year now, I’ve just decided to get back out there, but this time concentrate more on the photography side. My reasoning being that I’ll be able to fly more knowing I can park up, safely take off, grab some great views and return home. FPV and racing is amazing but quite hard to find places to fly safely and regularly in my area.

So I’m now a very happy owner of a Dji Mavic Air and quite excited to get back out there and learn a whole new set of skills around photography and videography, UK weather permitting as always!

Batteries charged, BMFA membership up to date, Drone Code reviewed, bags packed and now just need the sun to come out of hiding!

Time for an ale while I wait :slight_smile:


Hi Andrew,and a warm welcome to GADC,we are a good bunch of of misfits on here,and we dont bite!!:rofl::rofl::wink: Any questions,and i am sure someone will soon be along to help :wink::wink: So pull up a chair,and make yourself at home ,on THE most friendly drone forum in the UK…:+1::+1:

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A warm welcome to you Andrew. Pull up a chair, ask all your questions and get ready to learn from the myriad of guys on here who will help you in every way they can. I’m sure you’ll be glad you joined us. :smiley:

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Hello and welcome from sunny South Wales, well, it is at the moment :smile:


Hi Andrew and welcome to the best drone club on the net… :sunglasses:

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Welcome. Everyone loves a beer! FPV’er

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Hi Andrew from one of the misfits !.
Seriously, a warm welcome from the Bump of England !.


Hi Andrew,
Is it a hobby or an obsession you have their?
I am seriously jealous of your technical skills and look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Keep us posted!

Ps Also from ‘The Bump’!

Last time I went to Somerset I got thrown off the beach at 7 in the morning by a beach ranger lol

Hi Andrew, just joined this myself and looking for other FPV folks in Somerset. Do you still fly your racing quads? If so, fancy ripping a few packs sometime?

Hi not Dave! Not so much now I have the Mavic but sure, happy to catch up and fly.

Congrats on finding the best drone group on the web :+1:

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