North Wales coast, whilst exercising

A couple of pictures whilst exercising.


Love the second photo how the seafront path takes your eyes into the distance.

I remember when that ship was nightclub in the 1980’s. Didn’t last long but boy was it fun - still have the scars lol.
Just shows what some townies don’t understand - some of us do have huge wide open spaces.( standing by to get flamed )
Good shooting on a fine day :+1:

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i put my rucksack on, with my drone in it when I go for my daily exercise and can whip it out and get it up for a quick play without bothering anyone, such are the joys of living out in the country.

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I do exactly the same - Im just down the coast on Anglesey.

To much information there Brian :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Eh!! Ooooh eck, yes I see what you mean. That’s the trouble with social isolation, too many carry on films to warp the mind. My favourite is Carry On Screaming.


Mind you don’t get done for IE !.

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Hes in North Wales - its compulsory to get it out and up at every opportunity - well known Welsh proverb/fact. Must have been thinking drones when the ancients came up with that one I reckon.