North York Moors

North York Moors, top of Blue Bank near Sleights, Whitby in the distance, May 2021 Air 2S


I’m looking to go up to the North Yorks Moors Railway in September, particularly to do some drone photography. Most of that area appears to be in the Fylingdales HIRTA. Do you get any radio interference problems on the drone?

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I was on the edge of RAF Fylingdales HIRTA, no radio interference at all, it was nice to fly, 120m and clear as a bird, you should be ok, I have also seen many flying theirs around Goathland, but that is actually lower down than where I was, you should be ok to go, good luck, will look out for the vids :smiley:

@yorkie9668 - Thanks for that. Looking forward to some great flying. Don’t do many vids, but will possibly try some and stitch together a selection.

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