North Yorkshire meet up Wednesday 5th September


I hope you’ve noticed the new challenge, then? :wink:


I have indeed @OzoneVibe, bit obvious though for me to do Drax, so thinking cap is on ;o)


Drax is one of the many Power Station I have worked at (in my former job!)
Would be nice to see it from another angle !
And Heysham, Torness, Hunterston, Hinkley Point, Sizewell B & C AND SO ON !!!


The cooling tower repair guys were out last week with a couple of inspires doing survey work before the ropes came out, I was going to buzz them but thought better of it ;o)


Today was good we had a Howard a Mick a Dave a Matt and a Jeff

The first meet we had three Dave’s a Mick a Matt and a jeff was perplexing shouting Dave

If @chrisjohnbaker comes to the early morning meet that’s 2 Chris’s could get confusing again


Well here (hopefully if this uploads) is a quick edit of my drone footage from today.

If someone could help me with the edit, ie make it full screen. I set it to export at H264/AVC 720p. I chose 720p to way reduce the file size to 10% of 1080p.


Well that aint working lol, prolly to do with file size, its 560mb. Can anyone advise best way to get it onto the site?


Which site are you trying to upload to, you are best to upload to Youtube?


Yeah just done that, try this

Just watching it on YT and its degraded quite a lot from original.

Looks OK on forum tho on small image size hehe

Really not liking the border, but at 720p setting on thee export i cant seem to get it to be full screen - grrr


it upload first in low quality, then 720p appears later


Well done mate.
Good job


Looks like you Boys had a great day!
AND you didn’t get some Farmer yelling “Git Orf My Land !”
Video looks great !



Cheers all. Looking forward to next one :slight_smile:


Same thing happened when I went to glastonbury try it when leaving the pyramid stage when some shouts Alan the everyone else chips in
You had to be there…


well i have tried to edit my footage from yesterday and its mostly washed out (damn) hope others had better luck

note to self us your bloody ND filters especially when they are in your back pocket DOH (numpty)


Not much better here. 25gb of footage and probably a couple of minutes of reasonable quality.
I need more practice!


Well seeing as my pad had no charge I couldn’t see a thing through my phone and having a disconnect here’s my offering lol


ok excuse the over exposure

will do better honest and check all my settings after an update

thanks Matt for your upload


Nice footage all.
Best I can offer.


better than my video Mick