North Yorkshire meet up Wednesday 5th September


I don’t think so mate. All the videos are better than anything I captured.
One day I’ll understand what all these settings are for.


me too


Well I couldn’t be left out so here’s my vid.

Bit disappointed I seemed to have lost some footage, however, a great day out.


Great footage Dave, well done.


Ditto that man
Dave I had the same issue lost some footage or did I press the record button Mmmm :thinking:


That must get a “Double Plonker” Badge !!


yep thats me Chris


ok i am at the moment playing with FCPX and DaVinci Resolve the first video is final Cut Pro (apple product)
this one was done in Davinci
although it crashed just before i rendered (without saving DOH)
it took about an hour to do no bells and whistles used in either edit there is another post i will comment on my use of these pieces of software


That’s come out pretty acceptable Jeff !, were you on Auto Exposure or Manual?


don’t know as i had an update which looked things up so didn’t see properly till i got home
I think it was
white balance was set to sunny and went from D-log to normal didn’t use the footage in second video


I always look at the video on the Go App (soon as I land) if no good, I go again !
Saved me a lot of wasted video in the past.
I always fly fully auto on camera, whether on vid or stills.
I am hoping (wind prevailing !) to get out with @UnluckyTimmeh tonight to see if I can get some Hyper lapse.
Wind is getting up by the minute !!


good luck with that will check all the settings its been windy and raining on and off all day here


I have found “IMovie” on my Ipad to be a more than acceptable video editing tool.
Yes, its basic, has its limitations, but is easy to use and the results are pretty good for a simple program.
Plus, 4K is now not an issue for it !.
Bit of a pain to get the video from the bird to the ipad, but I have 100 gb Apple Cloud storage so I just upload it to that, then edit it.


Ahh it’ll be fine :slight_smile:


see you there tim !


imovie is what I’ve been using which is indeed basic, but until I get my head around everything it does, I’ll stick with it. And it came free with my MacBook Pro.

Good fun putting a movie together. I wish I’d had some more footage to put together for the Viaduct movie though.

Cow & Calf rocks and Castle hill next. Then… Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, Sydney Opera house, Mount Everest and the Pyramids…anyone up for it?