Northern Spain

Hey guys, hope you like my last video.

I need to practice my editing, but I am pleased with the results.


Absolutely stunning location, thanks for posting. Loved the bit at 2:45 with the drop over the edge. Not a fan of the really fast movement over the rocks at the start, I think this would have looked great slowed down (imho!). :+1:t2:

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I’m glad you like it.

With regards the fast movement over the rocks, I am afraid that it was to disguise some, very questionable flying. Given the little time I had to shot in there (kids and wife bored stif), I did a couple of flights around and back on the road.
It’s an amazing location that would definitely would have to be revisited again.
This is what it is called, in case you are interested:
Basque Coast Geopark

“There are 13km of cliffs made up of flysch (shale bed) deposits which have created layered and bizarre rock formations.”

Also, with regards minute 2:45, I like the shot, but I hate that I forgot to set the video settings to manual, hence the change in exposure. It also one of my favourite places to go and visit.
It rarely is seen with water, but when it does, this is the highest waterfall in Spain.

Still, all in all, I am happy with the results given that my flights weren’t that smooth to start with.

Thanks for your input. I love to hear where I can improve.


Thanks for the info, that waterfall looks very interesting.