Norwich/Norfolk Evening meet?

Hi chaps.
I was thinking of doing an evening flying session for a sunset or similar. I’ve done a few before at Earlham Park which is nice, but I fancy doing something a bit different.

Anyone fancy it and have any suggestions as to where? Maybe Hunstanton at low tide? But then again that could be really windy.

Or maybe Bawsey Church ruins?


Good idea Tim, Hunstanton would be good, as you will get sunset over the Wash (sea), mind you anywhere on the coast is good ,as long as tide well out, even better the Lighthouse end.
Er? Wells?:innocent:

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He likes Wells me thinks :wink:

Luverly Fish N Chips !

second that. On the harbour wall!

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not just Fish N Chips, Champion ones at that.
Must be getting close to the Wells Triathlon again @PaperCrane @UnluckyTimmeh

I’ve been looking at Hunstanton and I think the lighthouse down to the beach outside the golf club would be a great shout.

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Just need the tides right , and the weather?

Next week is looking pretty good at the moment weather wise.

I’m not sure about tide times, but we’re going to be looking at about 20.30/21.00 for a sunset I’m guessing.

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Not too far away from me then!

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Not at all Pete !, But just to warn you, that you will need your Passport to come over the border at Kings Lynn ! :rofl:
Will keep you posted !.

I wondered what all those blue lights were about when I went to Wells last Saturday, I just stuck my toe down and carried on till they faded into the distance!

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“they are Sarge” ,I told you we had an Illegal Immigrant who crossed the Border !"
You may laugh, but, the Norwich Police’s High Speed Cops have a driving test here !.
They have to drive from Norwich at High Speed, go to Skegness, Collect Fish & Chips and return, before they get cold !.
That is 100 miles !, and they do it (one way) in an hour !.
(that is direct from one of the boys in blue, I know)
Talk about a waste of tax payers money !.

Sounds fun though!!

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I’m heading to Hunstanton tomorrow night. Hoping to get a flight in while I’m there and get an idea of what the conditions are like. If anyone fancies joining me I should be getting there for about 19.30 with a few people I’m leading on a rideout from work. :slight_smile:

Flips sake, I’ve got a family meal on tomorrow night in sleaford…

Sorry Tim, I have family for the weekend, until Monday afternoon.

Annoyingly the cloud rolled in just as I got there.

Clearly it’s been a while since I logged in! Did the meet up happen?

Bloody hell Russell, have you been in hibernation?.
That was 2 months ago !.