Nostalgia reigns: I remember holidays to Barmouth

Hi all

Title says it and I’d like to re-trace some of the place enroute… Birmingham to Barmouth… Essentially meaning Welshpool onwards… I remember Dinas Mawddwy (and dad’s car barely getting up that steep, long and winding road… BUT the views at a couple of laybys looking into the valley was stunning even for a 9yr old

and little laybys by Dolgellau and onto Barmouth… I’m just wondering if anyone has stopped on this route and if so where to use their drone legally… LOL

I’d like to do that run sometime… I’d do it regardless but if i could plan something using thee Mini 2, it would help

Some views from across the bay…


Fabulous… just what I’d like to capture myself!

No hassles?

No-one bothered me except a couple of curious passers-by. Taken with my Mavic Air 2. I also got some decent video of the train going across the bay bridge from a respectable distance. These days though a DJI mini 2 is the drone to have, fly it more or less anywhere within the drone code, and performance and pictures are fabulous…

Thanks for that…

Yes I’m amazed at the quality of even small sensors now. I used to be a photographer but did an almost straight swap with mt camera for the Mini 2 Fly More combo… The stability and, as you say, the images you get back, are simply amazing.

It was just not possible for me to get anything like your shots previously… totally new experience/perspective (literally)

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