Not good to be bored on a weekend off work

Four deliveries off amazon today and a trip to the apple store for this i think i spent enough for this bordom session nearly bought a new mavic 2 controler as well only couldnt get one this weekend and i get to impatient so its probablyfor the best


They’re great fun, you’ll love it.

Pair of Zolo Liberty’s for me.

Life’s cheaper when the sun is shining

what do they do ?

ahhh earphones got to many of those got some sennheiser professional open headphones i never use along with bowers and wilkins that gather dust and some airpods and i only ever use one for phone calls, but you have to have these things its the law for us blokes

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For sure

Headphones and sunglasses are amongst my biggest vices

I am going to upset them at work tomorrow coz we are not supposed to take photos or Film anything having signed a NDA they do worry i been working on it for three weeks and i still have to ask whats it called and aint got a clue what its about


I’m still trying to resist one of those…

I had to google it too :blush:

you might be the owner of a mobile 2 yet :wink: