Not Mine 360 video

Just saw this on the gram

Great 360 video from above the drone or actually might be a close fpv follow


A few of our members have posted 360 videos from drones which may be of interest @BritCanTravel

Here’s one example:


Not quite a 360 video, since you can’t look around. Plus this almost look like a video taken by a drone, with a 3D model of a drone, composited into the video. You would have to be an insanely clever pilot to be able to follow another drone that close, hence my thought that the drone in the video is not real. However, having seen some totally crazy drone flying skills over the last year, especially the one of a guy flying his drone in a shopping centre / mall, who knows, maybe it was being followed.

But however it was done, it’s still cool

I think it looks like the drone has been added in post. Still very clever though.