NOT The smallest and oldest City in Wales

A quick view of the city of Bangor. Filmed from the Roman Camp on one ridge, across the valley to the opposite ridge. Good exercise for me and the quad.


Great informative video. Enjoyed the 360 journey.

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Nice one Ted and very informative,keep em comming!! :+1: :+1:

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Nice, left comment on YT.

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How can Bangor be the smallest city in Wales when St David’s is the smallest city in the UK?

More garb from wiki

City status
See also: City status in the United Kingdom and List of smallest cities in the United Kingdom
Bangor has been unique outside of England in using the title of ‘city’ by ancient prescriptive right,[12] due to its long-standing cathedral and past privileges having been granted. In 1927 a government list was drawn up detailing which settlements were cities, with Bangor being included.[13] However, city status was reaffirmed by the Queen in 1974 to the community council area with new letters patent after local government reorganisation.[14] By means of various measures, it also is one of the smallest cities in the UK. Using 2011 statistics, comparing Bangor to:

Population of city council areas in Wales, is third (16,358 residents)[15] with St Davids (1,841) and St Asaph (3,355)
City council area size within Wales, is the second smallest city (2.79 square miles (7.2 km2)) behind St Asaph (2.49 square miles (6.4 km2))
Urban areas within Wales, is third placed (1.65 square miles (4.3 km2)) behind St Davids (0.23 square miles (0.60 km2)) and St Asaph (0.50 square miles (1.3 km2))
City council area size within the UK, is fourth after the City of London (1.12 square miles (2.9 km2)), Wells and St Asaph
Urban areas within the UK, is fifth placed
Population of city council areas within the UK, is sixth.

So - Bangor is (almost) 9x the population of St David’s and over 7x the urban area. :rofl:

Lovely video Ted ,well done !.

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I stand corrected - serves me right listening to a local lol
More bloody editing needed now lol
Nah I will just go out for another hour and find a different view from the opposite ridgeline :blush:

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As I don’t know how to change it - the title is now " NOT the smallest City in Wales" - there, everyone happy now. :pray:

Thank you committee for doing that for me - much appreciated to get such assistance :+1:

It’s still a great video whatever the title.

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