Notam advice

Could anyone help translating this into plain English for me please.
I’m off up there next week and weather dependant wanted to fly some of the areas I spent a lot of my childhood in.

Sorry for the 3 screenshots, best I could get from my tablet.
Pics are in reverse order…

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Short answer?

24 to 28 September inclusive, don’t fly there.

Slightly longer answer - on those dates there will be military exercises going on. It will be either hazardous or a flat out don’t fly zone. Either way, you are looking at increased military activity, likely at low altitudes without warning. You run the risk of an extremely pissed off RAF pilot.


Thanks @PaperCrane
Bloody typical.
I assumed something like that, but it’s a very small area, and away from Catterick garrison.
I’ll keep an eye on it before we go incase it changes.

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