Nottingham recycling center set ablaze!

video of the fire that tore through the recycling center last week in nottingham!
hope you enjoy what footage i was able to get.


Nice to see recycling the traditional way!
Footage like this is always worth approaching the media with and could be valuable.

sadly none of thewm wanted the footage! :frowning:

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Probably didn’t want to encourage other flyers to fill the sky’s in future around an Emergency situation?

CAA Publication…
" Emergency incidents

Temporary restrictions may be established at very short notice due to emergency incidents, such as road traffic accidents, fires and floods.

If you’re near the scene of an accident or similar emergency, you must keep out of the way and not do anything that could hamper the emergency services.".

I already spoke to them face to face so dont need to worry on that buddy, im well aware of what happens during fires etc :slight_smile: and wouldnt hinder there operation,im a A2COFC holder too i dont just go round putting it up without asking 1st :slight_smile: as i need to set an example, :slight_smile:
Have a good day pal!

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Very commendable of you but personally I would have just kept out of the area altogether but that’s me - hope you don’t mind me having an opinion. Truly sorry I have upset you.

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no no you havent upset me :slight_smile: just from the video i said that i made sure i didnt jepodised ttheir operations ,and didnt explain more :slight_smile: but as i sometimes collect pictures for the local postcode news :slight_smile: and everyone is entitled to their opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response - have a pleasant day.

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