Now what?

The deed is done the order placed. :sunglasses: A second hand mavic air on its way to me shortly… Now what do I do?

Should I join the local flying club for use of their space on the moor and reasonbaly priced public liability? Fro their website they don’t seem to have many quadcopters.

I need to book some training in as well as I have never flown before :anguished:



Personally I wouldn’t pay to fly anywhere.

Beauty of a quad is you can take off and land on a postage stamp.

They really are a doddle to fly. Take off on public property and you are good to go.

It’s not so much how to fly it as it pretty much flys itself. It’s getting to know how it responds under certain conditions.

I recommend watching some YouTube tutorials and also some crash videos.

Relax and take it easy and you will be fine mate.

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Hi have you done any sort of models before and used to a transmitter controls ? I bought a DJI Inspire never flown drone before and last time i flew a model plane was prob 38 years ago i took it somewhere very quiet for first go was the easiest thing i have ever flown. Took off its self landed its self and made sure there was no trees. Think i have had them both (got inspire 1 and mavic pro now) about 5 weeks on the DJI app i have got 8hrs 30 min and 55 flights over the 2. I do have 4 battery for each drone and normally use at least 3 and a bit when i go out just playing

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Hello and welcome, nothing to add to what the others have said :sunglasses:

congrats @Ronidog, I purchased mine 2 weeks ago, only been up about 4 times. Read the manual and watch loads of YouTube videos. Start in beginner mode which stops you from going any further than 30m, also reduces the speed.

I’m hesitant to say it but I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to fly.

My main focus is finding good wide open places to practic, preferably way from people.

I have also been getting up early before work while everyone is in bed .

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just pop it up in the air. i think must have beginner mode which is a doddle. thats what i did with my MP. wide open spaces are what a quad loves. i am practicing land and launch from small close in spaces as some of the pics i have taken have been from public foot paths with over hanging trees and hedges. so practice makes perfect :grin:

just hope you don’t live in Bournemouth you can’t do jack there…

No I live in the open spaces of the north.

winters coming
it doesn’t say in your profile just Dave…
Hello Dave… (other films from 2001 are available)

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Thanks guys. I have now changed my name…

To HAL?! :open_mouth:

Damian :smiling_imp:

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