Nuneaton newby

Hi gang, been lurking a while trying to pick up some basics.looking to get a mini 2 and begin my hobby and noticed that @Chillibadger has one for sale but cannot seem to reply to him as I don’t see a reply button? Is that only available as a member, more than happy to do that as it looks like a good place to be as a newbie👍 Anyhow don’t want to go on so thanks for looking and any tips and advice gratefully. Received. David


Hi David @Diem197 :wave:t2:

Yes, that’s right. You can see a full list of membership benefits here: :blush:

Ah ok thanks for that👊🏼

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@notveryprettyboy @Steviegeek New blood :grin:

Welcome David fair few of us around your neck of the woods :+1:t2:

I’m in Bedworth. :+1:t2:

Edit: Beduff :grin:


:rofl: actually in Arley mate, So fairs fair​:+1:t3:

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Hi David welcome

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Hi there Graham👍🏼

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Coventry here … I’m sure you will find this a friendly and welcoming place :slight_smile:


Hey Budgie, thanks I’m sure you’re right👍🏼

Welcome Dave :+1:t3:

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Thanks Nick appreciated :facepunch:t3:

Hi David welcome - I’m a newbie near Solihull

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Hi Hans, thanks for the welcome👍🏼

hi david welcome i live in coventry north east.

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Hi CP, not far from me then. Thanks for the welcome👍🏼

Just up the road from me, Im in Tamworth

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Hi and welcome m8 :+1:

Brilliant site you’ve joined, plenty of info and money saving perks of being a member.

More of a reader myself as a good lot of the questions I had, had already been answered by the proper professional drone operators on here…and there’s plenty of them!

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Hi Steve, thanks for the welcome👊🏼

Hi Jay, yep agree mate been lurking for a little while and trying to cram as much info in as I can. Im sure I’ll run into some little issues as I will be completely new to this but as you have said any questions I have have been asked and answered hundreds of times so I’ll try not to be a pain in the a…:rofl: thanks for the welcome btw​:+1:t3:

@Diem197 welcome

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