NW Xmas meet up - may be short notice depending on weather

Hi All,

I know its cold and dreary out, but as the festive period approaches I thought we may like to meet up and have a Yule / Xmas / whatever you celebrate at this time of year meet up - probably will be short notice as we will be beholden to the weather, but sometime between the weekend before Xmas and NY Day may ptovide an opportunity?

We can look at locations once we have decided whether or not the idea is something folks want to do, but I am thinking perhaps a rural location - Beacon Park, Wigg Island, Lymm, Carrington or anywhere else you wamnt to suggest - and perhaps a case of Mince Pies and a bit of Yule / Xmas themed fun, what do you think?


  • Yes, up for a meet at some point
  • Nah, too cold for me
  • Perhaps, weather and location depending
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Where do we want to go?

Happy to organise - or to let someone else if they prefer and want to get the badge…

  • Beacon Park
  • Sow Brook Playing Fields, Lymm
  • Carrington Moss
  • Morecambe Bay
  • Wigg Island, Runcorn
  • New Brighton Beach, Wirrall
  • Other - please add your suggestions in the chat
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The 9 arches Newton le willows. I think this would provide some great photo / video. I’d need to check neaby parking. If not this time, maybe one to think about in warmer weather.

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may be nice to time it with a visit to a local cafe like we did last time at beacon park, give them a bit of advanced warning


Isn’t there restoration work and acaffild there at the moment?

Didn’t realise tbh :disappointed_relieved:. Another time maybe.

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Yes defiantly :+1:

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Maybe a bit far, but there is a great cafe at Abakhans


Vote cast for anywhere, just to get me out the house for something other than work at the minute. Bonus points for Xmas day as I think I’ve got visitors

I’m also happy to say hello to anyone flying their drone in Manchester city centre on the morning of the 25th itself. Weather permitting!

Did that one a while ago, great place for a flight, and the cCafe has some good cakes - plus there is Flint Castle and the Beach and lighthouse at Talacre - if you can find car parking…

Happy to go a bit further in distance if filks can…

Hmm, with the MiL here Xmas day may not be doable for us, but nowt stopping others meeting up if we cant… And always a brew / glass of something / mince pie here for anyoe in the neighbourhood that wants to call in :slight_smile:

Its on my to capture list, but depends on the MiL…

Snap, hence my bonus point comment……:smirk:

Yeah, I cant get away with that comment, she is here for a week and 2 days…

What a great idea. Am near Beaconsfield so a few fsctors would have to align for me but the idea of a Xmas meet is appealing!
I’ll bring mince pies and a thermos of something if it works out

Ok, so I was thinking of an early meet on Xmas Day in central Manchester, a chance to fly without ‘people pollution’ as a friend put it, hoever the weather for Xmas Day looks chancy, we can check it closer to the day, but atm it doesnt look like being a good option, so if we can’t do that, when and where can we do?

hohohoever ;o)

Lol, my keyboard is playing up - or my typing is deteriorating, not sure which, apologies…