NZ Drone legalities and perils of YouTube posting

A lengthy but nevertheless interesting thread on Mavic Pilots here on CAA requesting flight log details from a YouTube hobbyist(?) poster on drone videos and related matters.

Before you all go apoplectic and start rushing to delete everything and sell your drone immediately it is the New Zealand CAA not our UK one - at least at the moment it isn’t!

However it is a possible salutary lesson in NOT boasting publicly about flying BVLOS and posting videos of flights which could be construed as breaking local or laws specific to a country. Indeed giving out anything which could suggest any degree of illegality or simply poor judgement is best avoided completely. For PfCOs here in the UK the aspect of monetary advantage which is hinted at as a possible reason for CAA involvement may be of particular interest. In fact there are no real facts as it appears currently unknown as to why the NZ CAA have decided to poke about in this specific instance.

Another aspect of the linked thread is the wide range of totally c*** pseudo legal advice freely given by the usual “internet experts”. My 2p is don’t go anywhere near the internet for any legal advice on anything and don’t post anything that has even the remotest chance of coming back to bite you. Hopefully this post will fulfil that criteria.

One thing which has become very clear to me comparing our Grey Arrows UK forum with others specifically Mavic Pilots and similar is how friendly and generally absent of cynical, unhelpful and judgemental post replies we are here.

Happy Xmas to all. Safe flying and watch out for those marauding out of control Mavic Minis. They will be copying seagulls soon and nicking our chips on their way down.


Tell them you sold the drone, or crashed it.

I love how many people are telling him to just ignore it and hope it goes away. :roll_eyes:

Shame he never shares which video they want the logs for because… well, because I’m nosey! :wink:

It’s to be expected really.

Quite a few drivers have learned the hard way to be carefull what they post on the internet.

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I’m not sure I would be much better if someone lent me an R8 for the day :rofl:

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Shame the editors don’t face similar punishment.

That sub-heading:

Police spotted footage of motoring journalist Joe Achilles driving hi Audi super car at speeds of 100mph through the Peaks District



I’d hope you’d do a lot better , 100 mph pah !!