O/S for Controlling DJI

I’ve got a DJI Mini 2 which has been set up with my iPhone 12 since I bought it last year. With the normal DJI set up I’ve never had any issues and it’s all good but there seems to be more hacks/software/power in using Android, is that fair (things like Litchi Betas, their “magic leash”, Drone Hacks, etc)?

I’ve got a Samsung Note 20 as well and before I splash out on more software I’m wondering if I should start using it control my Mini instead.

Is there a consensus nowadays which phone O/S is best (for this, I realise it’s a generally contentious subject)

The ios version of the DJI fly app seems the most stable, the problem with the android version is the number of devices that it supports or doesn’t

As to Hacks, they all work with the Mini 2 and ios other than Litchi but that will come soon

As @Sparkyws eludes to, the DJI Fly app (in general) has been an absolute fucking nightmare on Android for the last 9 months or more. With no end in sight really. Although the most recent Fly is perhaps slightly better than the previous versions.

Litchi will be available for iOS just as soon as DJI release the SDK for iOS (they only released it for Android last week, iOS won’t be far behind).

For mods, Drone-Tweaks (for the Mini 2) is now available for both iOS and Android, and Drone-Hacks isn’t an app-mod.

There are pros and cons for each OS really, but no apps should sway your decision really, unless you find an app that’s only available for one particular OS.

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You can get litchi beta for iOS. Just follow the instructions on their site. They need to add your Apple ID to the ‘testflight’ path and once they do that you have access to the pre releases on the App Store. It’s how all software is tested for iOS by end users. The developer adds your ID to a different branch of the app.

Litchi beta for the mini 2 is not available yet as DJI haven’t leased the updated iOS SDK

It was the Magic Leash that made me think I was wrong to try with iOS, but I’ve never ever used Litchi so I’ve no idea how valuable I’d find that.

Is the instability with DJI on Android just with the installation or whilst flying? As I say, I side loaded it but have never used it yet (the app starts up and even downloaded an update).