Ok, where can I fly

New to drones, wanted to extend my photography hobby.
Bought a drone, not flown yet, took the test, paid my £9.
Now battling through the minefield of where to fly, didn’t know it was so complicated…
Is there any common sense rules to follow, I read in one place it’s okay to fly in a park then I read it’s banned :man_shrugging:.
I know National Trust is off limits.
So where can I fly with no hassle.
Obviously being very sensible avoiding crowded places and the anti-drone brigade.


The most authoritave map of places to fly - showing various places that require permission to fl;y is our own Dronescene

It has the advantage of also showing places that have been recommended as good to fly and reports from people who have actually flown there.

It’s free, continually updated and you can login with your GADC credentials.

This is the first question many people ask so expect an admin along soon to put this in the correct thread!


Its not

tenor (4)

They are mostly a myth. The drone police come from… you guessed it… drone pilots.


I was exactly the same when I first got my drone. I didnt know where would it be safe. I just use my head and basic rules. Im not saying I know all the rules perfectly but I find a quiet spot with space around with the view i want and as long as I have easy 50m I just fly and keep in sight. Build confidence and trust the tech.
Anyone comes as long as your been as sensible as you can you’ll be fine. I haven’t received a problem. Some people don’t like drones. If you get this keep calm explain politely.
You’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:
Oh and use map apps to know your not in no fly zone :+1:


Thanks, already had a look at that
Sorry if it’s in the wrong place, I also tried a search, couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for.
Are there any rights or wrongs in posting on social media as long as you are not invading any one privacy.

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I post mine. Not a issue unless you low and flying over houses. Just use your sense. When you fly you’ll get confidence and you’ll know your self. You’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that Neil,
Just googling and it just seemed to throw up lots of negatives
That’s why I joined the forum to get a more balanced view and to hopefully help others.


Yeah with Google you cant seem to win. One thing seems right and then you hear its wrong. Its a strange hobby and gets some crap but honestly you know if your using a drone purposely wrong. Its good to be courteous like you are. Go out find a quiet area and fly you’ll enjoy it and let’s be honest if you even make a error unless you’re on or next to a airport. No one is going to bang you up for 10yrs they will more than likely have a word.
Fly relax and enjoy i say.


If you follow the Drone Code, fly sensibly where it’s allowed, and don’t annoy other people with your drone then you shouldn’t have a problem. Generally speaking, open space is your friend, fly safely and within your capabilities and you should be fine (at least that’s my experience). On the other hand if you want to be a Youtube influencer and score user clicks, just fly wherever the hell you like and no one will even bother. Drone Scene is useful and I’d like to see more users posting more places, but the good news is it’s improving all the time. Drone flying is a hobby, so the main thing is to make sure you enjoy it.


The same rule applies to flying, public speaking and burglary:

Look and act confident. :slight_smile:


TheFatController put that much easier than me but yes I agree :grin:


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Same applies to virtually anything. If you can look and act as if you’re meant to be there 9 times out of ten no one will will question you,and you’ll be able to blag it. On the other other hand if you’re looking furtive and nervous you might as well give up and go home. Not that I’m advocating this, but a hi-vis vest, a clipboard and a hard hat can get you into places you’re not supposed to be :shushing_face:. The most important thing, however, is have a polite attitude, that can work wonders in all sorts of situations. My motto is treat people as you would wish to be treated, you’ll find more often than not, that gets you the result you want :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yeah same here mate just looking throw the map to se where i can take it it looks ok near coatbridge in glasgow thought i might go there.

I tend to steer clear of people in general!

It’s not just the drone police, as much as its nice someone coming over to talk to you who’s taking a genuine interest. When I’m flying I want to concentrate on the footage I’m getting and making sure the aircraft is safe. The advice I’d give is if someone does approach for a chat, just politely explain you need to concentrate on controlling your drone and you’ll talk to them once you’ve landed.


First thing: don’t feel like a criminal flying. You are not. This is what I do and has served me well:

  1. Check Dronescene, UAV Assist, and Drone Assist. Ensure weather is safe and you are not on some protected area.

  2. If over a park, check its bylaws. If there’s staff, ask them: “where do you publish your bylaws”. Otherwise make a best effort and search their website.

  3. Always follow the CAA code and have common sense. Keep in sight, or have someone else with you keeping sight while you stare at your controller. Stay 50m/150m away from what you should be. Stay below 120m. If you hear an aircraft, lower your attitude and return to home until you are clear.

  4. Handle complaints politely. Some people come to talk because they are curious. Others don’t like what they don’t understand: “you are disturbing the wildlife”, “you are invading my privacy”, are the most common points I hear. Explain you are certified by the CAA to do what you are doing and address their concerns. I never had anyone insisting I should stop, but if they did I’d probably just go somewhere else to avoid the hassle.

  5. ENJOY. There’s so much scenery in this country as soon as you get out of town. Park your car anywhere, take off and HAVE FUN. With time you’ll read discussions on little details, but don’t worry about them now.

Cheers and welcome!


Thanks I‘ll do exactly that ! Thanks :blush: I definitely understand I have just to travel further for what I want to do safely.

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I’ll never give up racing and photographing this great Scottish scene

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When you have flown in a new location remember to share the details on Dronescene - it only takes a few minutes and will help your fellow pilots :slight_smile: