Okehampton, Devon - golden hour

Was a lovely mild late afternoon the other night, so no option than to put the Mini2 up for look. Got a shot of one edge of town in the golden hour, with a nice hue falling over a local church.

3 shots, bracketed, then composited and tweaked in Lightroom.

I posted this image on our local town Facebook page, and some asked ‘What drone was that?’. I told them a Mini2, and responses were along the lines ‘I’ve got one of those but I can’t get shots like that!’. :thinking:

Cheers - Rob.


I just bumped your photo on there Rob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lovely picture!
Is that morning light, or evening?

Good point, there are two ‘golden hours’ per calendar day, but this was definitely late afternoon as per the post :sunglasses:

Cheers - Rob

Thanks Rob. I noticed you had put that in the description after I’d posted the question.
I feel a bit daft now! :grinning: