Old hood adapted for i2 X5S

I’m having a shed cleanup and came across this camera hood which belonged to some old and forgotten camera. I’ve been wanting a hood for my 45mm lens, 10 minutes on CAD, 20 minutes of printing.


Nice work :clap:
Yet another example of how fantastic 3D printing is in our hobby
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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In a roundabout way, 3D printing for me is like Drone Flying, I’m either looking for a good spot to fly or something to 3D print.

Tarot 2D gimbal adaptation for i2, still haven’t tested it yet…:roll_eyes:


And 30 minutes of balancing? :blush:

I have full control of print density so it’s straight off the printer and into action.

Metal balance ring…

3D printed ring…

The thing…

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While the iron is hot, I thought about an adapter for my PolarPro 48mm ND filters to fit the 45mm lens.
This is the prototype without threads, balance is almost perfect.

Step up from 37mm to 48mm…

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Rotatable hood…

Perfectly balanced

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These are great!

Just keep telling myself that I don’t need a 3D printer… :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

Don’t get one, start off by learning CAD, I’m sure you have loads of ideas. Download Autodesk Inventor 2019 free for students I find it much more intuitive than Autodesk 360.
A printer without CAD knowledge can very quickly turn in to a paperweight.
I’m still in shock when I saw the murder of a printer…:see_no_evil:

I think he’s destroyed the evidence now too :grimacing:

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