Old images on where to fly map

Being new to the club I have many questions. I have been using drones since 2017 and so have a back catalogue. I tried to add some of my early images from 2017 to the map but was prevented with an error message saying I was outside the allowed date range. Why can’t I add older images ?



Hi David @grandad1950

That’s a good question, and I can’t remember what the answer is. Some of our longer standing members may remember?

I know we limit entries to being one year old or less, but right now the reason for that escapes me.

If I had to think about it now it could be because the drone regs do change, or the airspace changes, or the landscape / land ownership / anything-else-really could no longer be valid :person_shrugging:t2:

But as I say that, the same could of course apply to any location currently on the map that’s over one year old - as we don’t regularly review them. Maybe we should? :thinking: We could ask members to verify locations over one year old as still being valid? That might be a good idea really.

Anyway, we’re quite happy for members to discuss the 1-year restriction on new entries here and we’ll happily accept a change request if there’s enough support / valid reasons to change it.

Take it away everyone :slight_smile:


I can’t see a reason why there is a restriction on adding to Drone Scene

New and old members would benefit, as with the new members like the said poster @grandad1950 he would like to contribute and it shouldn’t matter when the flight took place as long as the information for the times of the flight is correct.

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Cough. :wink:

Every year seems a bit ott. I think locations should get vetted every 3 years to ensure info is accurate and super users within the area get notified of where needs a refresh. Or even a flag to see info has not been verified for x years for end users to see.

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There’s a “Report this location” link on every map pin already - I was thinking of something a bit more proactive rather than reactive :slight_smile:

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