Old Leamingtonians Rugby Ground, Leamington Spa 13/06/20

Hi chaps
Me and someone else will be here at around 12pm tomorrow (Saturday).
This is a medium sized couple of fields for flying practice, pictures, freestyle practice, gaps, crashes and tears.
Permission has been granted, but please abide by rules passed down to me from the committee.
Guaranteed dog walker free!

52.320830, -1.532691

Please reply if going.

Put me down as a maybe. See what I feel like tomorow

Sorry mate, can’t make this,
Have a tumble dryer being delivered between 9:30 and 14:30, big window :frowning_face:

Steve. What happened to your old one? I am a dab hand with washers and dryers.

It’s a Zanussi, brushless motor/invertor drive.
It stopped turning the drum, the usual chip LNK324 and resistor had blown on the ‘everybody uses the same Electrolux’ control board.
Replaced them with new, worked for a few minutes then stopped,
Checked the board again and the new parts were still intact so I’m suspecting something in the machine not controls.
Ran out of ideas, enthusiasm, time so bought a new one :frowning_face:
Old one being taken away when the new one is delivered tomorrow unless you want it, it’s in great condition just don’t work :slight_smile:

What IC is that? So it’s a brushless? Man i’ve been out of it too long. Dryers used to be induction motors. Sounds like the motor is popping it. Love electrics!

LNK304GN Power Integrations AC/DC Converters 120mA MDCM 170mA CCM

apparently it’s very very common, the things are crap. but as the resistor overheats I suspect it’s more a crap design.


Your probably right. I was always taught that components are made with a higher tolerance than advertised. To make an IC or resistor to the exact speed or tolerance is impossible.
Shame. I always liked Zanussi’s. Well, the washers. 10 years ago. They washed well. Hope the next one is better.

Might come down with the badger

Should be there with the badger