'Old' member, new flier

Hi All,
I joined this forum almost 2-years ago, and its taken me all that time to pluck up the courage to buy my first drone. Following lots of research and reading on here, I decided the Mini 2 was the one for me.

It arrived a couple of days ago, and I have been able to fly it on 3 separate occasions and have exhausted all 3 batteries at least once.
In my research, I had watched lots of tutorials on how to set up and operate the Mini 2, so I felt confident as I headed off towards some quiet common land, not far from where I live.
It was 6am in the morning, and I was there alone so the situation could not have been better.

I had deliberately set the max altitude to only 30m, and the max distance to 750m. I had made sure the home point was set so was ‘all set’. What I was not ready for was the level of nervousness I felt as I took to the air for the first time!
I really did not anticipate the real feelings of anxiety and sheer terror as that tiny little device flew around, responding to my random inputs of the joysticks. (but was glad I decided to purchase the Care Refresh package… just in case.

The good news is I am begging to feel like I am slightly more in control now, and am beginning to instinctively manoeuvre the aircraft without deliberately thinking left stick forward, right stick back etc.

I suspect its going to take me some time before I begin to feel confident enough to relax, but so far so good. I’m looking forward to venturing further afield as my confidence grows, but for now I’m practicing figure of eights, dronies and orbits.

Thanks to everyone on here for posting useful stuff in the past, and I hope to maybe able to offer advice and support myself in the future.


Good on you…keep at it… :+1:

Good luck! It’s intimidating to start with but I’m sure you will quickly overcome your initial fears and doubts. Just keep on practicing!

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Well done , I know how you feel ! I went out and bought my first drone (a mavic 1) a few years ago , was so exited when I picked it up, but when it came to actually flying it for the first time , I became oddly panicked , and found any excuse not to fly… It took me about 3 /4 months before I finally had the courage to actually get airborne! Honestly do not why i was so worried, after getting up in air ,and seeing that my bird was not going to suddenly fly away,never to be seen again,I was blown away by the control I had over the drone. Never looked back,and now i look for any excuse TO fly. :rofl: :rofl: HAPPY FLYING.it will soon become second nature… :+1: :+1: :wink:

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Don’t lose that slightly apprehensive feeling!

Confidence is fine, until it leads to overconfidence in either your own or the drone’s capabilities.

Many years back, when I was learning to parachute, it was explained to me that accidents were common in the first few umps due to lack of knowledge or learned response then very few problems until someone had 100 or so jumps to their name. Then accidents began to happen again - overconfidence.

So, enjoy your nw aircraft to the full but always remember and plan for the things that can go wrong! Happy flying! :slight_smile:

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It’s been a few days now, and I have been practicing as often as I can.
I have watched loads of video tutorials about how to make ‘cinematic’ shots so decided to put it into action. I carefully set everything up, did the pre-flight checks, return to home altitude, set the home point, set the ISO, resolution, frame rate etc. and was all ready to go.
I carried out all the moves, and nailed every one of them, and couldn’t wait until I popped the memory card into my laptop to check it all back… and then I noticed… I had lots of rough video footage, of me setting the shot up, lining up the drone, getting into just the right position, and then it stopped.

I had somehow got ‘out of sync’, and was recording all the stuff I didn’t want, and then when I pressed the button to start recording, I was actually stopping it.
I’ll chalk that one down to experience … but those shots that I missed would have been epic (honestly)!

Onward :slight_smile:

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