One app to rule them all?

Hi there

I’ve been scanning though this site and failed to find an answer, but I apologise if there is already a well work thread discussing apps!

Americans seem to have some nice apps that combine the features of Drone Assist with the ability to create preflight checklists etc. They don’t cater for our airspace however.

Is there a magic all-in-one app for logging flights (I’m not DJI so would need manual entry) risk assessment, pre-flight checks etc?

I’m happy to create something that I take with me on an iPad, I just wondered f it already existed?

I have managed to get a nice local farmer to let me practise in her field, so I’m trying to crack on and get my certificate before it’s too late!



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Hi @LimestoneRob, you could look at Runway HD as that has a lot of features inc logging, maps, Notams, and documents. May not suit but worth a look I reckon.