Ooops what not to do in sports mode

I was out trying to get some footage for the first year comp so showed the wife how tracking works plus i had never used it before finished that and said oh you haven’t seen it is sports mode forgetting that it continues to travel when you hit the brakes DOH
NOTE TO SELF don’t show off ever again

Alls good nothing damaged except my pride…


Another worthy recipient for The Plonker Badge! :+1:


thanks dave i knew i had it in me :grin:


i will wear it with pride


Amazing kit, it looks like its hurtling at a fair old pace , hits the branch and remains airborne.

these items are expensive but this functionality is what we are paying for.

Easily done Jeff.
At least no damage.

@SputnikTheAirDog Certainly is and the props are in one piece too but will change to be on the safe side

just my pride Mick

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Would have to happen in front of the wife as well :joy:

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Here you go Jeff


I could tell by the thumbnail on the video what was about to happen :rofl: Got lucky there!

Thanks Mick i didn’t know you cared (NOT)


I’m glad I’m not the only one to get a bit lairy trying out sports mode, top footage and well done on the award

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Blimey Jeff!!

I’m seriously impressed that it stayed airborne, amazing bit of kit :+1:

I thought the MP only carried on ‘drifting’ if in fixed wing mode - Did this carry on going because it simply couldn’t brake fast enough from that speed? :thinking:

I had a few goes with a cheap drone in sport like mode and I was surprised how quickly things can get out of hand. But looking at that footage, tells me you definitely had a Del Boy moment. What were you looking at ?

It was the speed and as it reached me I stopped it but at full pelt in sport move it takes a while (it was that “Oh Shit” slow motion moment ) wife said it’s ok it’s still flying she was well I’mpressed
To be honest nothing is damaged that I can see even the props
Can’t say the same for the tree :grin:

The drone going past :rofl:

Great escape out of the tree.

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Went straight through Tbh

Well ,looks like it kept fling,and you landed ok?:smile:I too should be a contender for the plonkers badge,as when i sold my MPPto my mate he asked to see it fly,so,i took off in his kitchen,all ok ,than she started to drift ,and i crashed straight into his kitchen cupboard,lucky his missus was out, all he did was lol,lol lol!and that was the first time i ever crashed my MPP.Reckon she was getting her own back for selling her :rofl::rofl:

This reminds me a little of my P4 only with not so great a recovery, I wasn’t showing off, just thought I’d do a pan across the castle I had already got quite a bit of footage of, thinking all was good and I was over the moat I flew to the right, all of a sudden I hear what sounded like a brush cutter, yes, it was my 5 month old Phantom 4 in the trees :cry:
It started to recover well but was rising in the gap it had found, the noise then started again and by the time I got about 10m or so from it, it fell to its death upside down a couple of metres from the water’s edge :sob:
The end of the video is where the ribbon cable must have snapped, the gimbal snapped when it hit the floor.
I still have it and have tried repairing it but the camera starts shaking left to right when you use it.
It will eventually live again :slightly_smiling_face: