OOPS I Done it!

@PingSpike YES! I blame you entirely and using Christmas I am just about attached to my manhood!

Guess the HolyStone is flying back to Amazon.


Congrats my man :clap:t2:


I think you’ve made a good buy there @FFf
You won’t regret it Keith. Well unless your Mrs changes her mind about your manhood :grimacing:

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Kitchen update on the cards, so a hospital visit is out of the question until its finished… might take my time

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Sounds wise just incase :grin:

I won’t start a new thread for this but, AND I KNOW, I KNOW, what a revelation the DJI is compared to the Holy Stone… Quieter, faster, smoother and much more confidence inspiring.

Ok so it was 3 times the price but the 1080 FHD video is so much smoother, clearer JUST WOW.

Cast to the 65 inch tele even SWMBO (kitchen designer) was impressed.
I obviously didn’t fly anywhere near the village and don’t have the video we just watched.

It didn’t look anything like this

Thank you all for helping me do this and sorry if I overload your senses with photos!!