Just noticed that I have accidentally updated the DJI GO4 app after being so good making sure that app was never updated. Think I had a version from November 2017.

If I encounter problems with my MPs modded FW and this version of the app, would a restore from the back up on my laptop bring back the old version back? Obviously I’d delete this app before connecting to iTunes.

Does anyone know for sure if the recent app works with modded FW and adjusted parameters?

Haven’t connected the drone to the app yet but will do when I get home. Doubt I’ll have time to fly though. That’s if the app even allows me!


I’m not right up to date (Android), only 4.2.21, but that’s been OK with modded firmware (Modded 01.03.0700 which I then rolled up to the modded 01.04.100).

(And I bumped this thread over to #modifications )


I’ve got version 4.3.3

Just connected the MP to the app. Everything seems to be fine. Noticed the map has the zones highlighted now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Hoping it still enables me to fly over NFZs.

What is the height of the AC normally restricted to by the app? Is it 500m? (Yes, I know we aren’t supposed to fly over 120m)


I’ve only disabled NFZs … so I can do a hover in the garden to check things are working. Didn’t need to derestrict heights for that. :wink:


Yes it is

Removing the height restriction on the ‘friendlier’ firmwares wont alter this it still says 500m in the app but will go up and up and up

*or so I’ve heard.


I believe that’s correct. Just wanted to know where the ceiling was for testing purposes.


So I tested app version 4.3.3 with my modded FW and it allowed me to fly with my adjusted parameters (height).

Just need to test the NFZ now.