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hi guys n girls(and every other non-generic person out there) lol
I have a mavic pro which i am reasonably happy with and my son has bought himself a parrot bebop 2 (horrible thing)!
Here is my question…my mavic seems to fly for 2-3 miles in a straight line but my son’s parrot doesnt seem to go more the 1-200 mtrs before losing the connectivity to his phone. ANY answers would be appreciated as im sick of him bending my ears about it.

the wifi range on the parrot is limited,

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Yeah, we’ll quickly gloss over that public announcement :rofl:

Your Mavic will be using something called Ocusync for its communication.

Check this guide out:


How far?, cough,na na na na, drone police will be along in a minute (nick, nick)
Would blow me trumpet on here to much with a statement like that !.

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I think he meant ‘Leptons’ :wink:

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Have a look in the controller menu it might be set to 5.8GHz change it to 2.4GHz, based on my parrot Disco which I believe is the same.

As has been mentioned the two drones use the same frequency allocations, and to some extent the same modulation method of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).

From what I understand is the Parrot Bebop uses a vanilla WiFi standard where as DJI’s proprietary Ocusync employs a coding (Alamouti) that retains the best Bit Error Rate (BER) at lower signal strengths. Also their implementation of the OFDM scheme is unique and proprietary.

There are other systems now on the market that work similar to Ocusync but claim greater distances such as the Android based HereLink system, and the Skydroid T10 which claims 5km 720p video and 10km control range, and the Skydroid T12 claiming 20km+ HD video and 30km control range.



at 9:22

Any videos?

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Excellent eyesight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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