Operational Authorisation renewal

Going through the process of renewing my OA I see new practices we must adhere to making any commercial flight even MORE bureaucratic than it already was: Flight Operations now needing 3 bits of airspace, Abnormal Enviromental Conditions must be given consideration not to mention all the guff on the Flight Planning Form. And don’t get me started on the Post Flight box ticking.
Health and Safety in our country needs to be reigned in - jeez even someone with a pilots license doesn’t have to jump through these hoops!
Ok bang on the table over for today:-)


Yes real PITA this year. Just done mine, hopefully ticked all the boxes but who knows.
Separate logs for each drone, maintenance records for each drone, full technical spec for each drone even though it’s already part of the Ops Manual.
Beginning to wonder if its worth it. Now sub 250fm are so good they are fine for a lot of work.

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I hear you- I have a Mini 3 Pro and life is suddenly
MUCH easier!
This nonsense is for the likes of the Police who don’t practice while flying heavy kit and the poor sod whose Alta ran out of juice and crashed while filming the regatta in Henley.
Tue CAA held a ‘consulatation’ which amounts to box ticking to say they’ve done it while roundly ignoring the concerns of the rest of us. Hard not to have a sense of humour failure. Perhaps that should on the Single Points of Failure list too :joy:
Speaking of which, what d’you call a guy who hangs around with a band?

The drummer :rofl:

Sorry, I heard that one this morning!

What format did you submit all the docs to the CAA? Do they want paper print outs, an electronic zip file or what? Do they specify?

Usually PDFs for the OPs Manual.
I sent a Excel spreadsheet for each drones flight info. The records taken from Airdata for each drone.
Maintenance is unknown. As there is no official maintenance information on most DJI drones then I have just put in a statement saying the drone is examined before and after each flight for defects, props checked, firmware up to date, batteries checked, gimbal checked etc.
All hit and miss at the moment so it’s a case of wait and see if they accept everything I have sent in.

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