Operator registration details after sale of drone?

I’ve posted my mini 2 to my best friend on the mainland, he is 100% novice so the Operator registration details are in my name as tbh just to get him to understand in what he’s unboxing and a app to install was confusing enough on top of me saying your need to register it.

I sent him a screenshot of my flyer ID and Op reg if he needs it.

Is there a time frame he needs to have it filled in his name as he’s off to shell island next weekend so presume he take it with him :scream:

I basically said if you keep your distance away from people fuff all anyone can say and if do say piss@ff it’s 249g just use commonsense.

He needs an operator ID before he even takes off

Nope, no timeframe… he’s just not allowed to fly with your Flyer ID and needs to have his own.

No problem with him flying under your Operator ID, but in doing so you are taking responsibility for the aircraft (maintenance, etc) and you are taking responsibility for allowing him to fly it, which includes taking responsibility for checking he has a valid Flyer ID.

Edit —

Wait, do you mean this Shell Island??? :grimacing:

Sorry… Mini 2 :man_facepalming:

He doesn’t need a Flyer ID. But the Operator ID still belongs to the responsible person so as long as it’s your ID, that’s you. Anything he does with it (like, say, flying in a FRZ), it’s your name on the paperwork.

I had been looking at that weird shaped red thing …. I can’t work out if flying is allowed or not (maybe I’m being dense!)

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You’re very trusting let him fly on your Op ID ;o)


I’d say “Yes” and “Maybe”.

It’s not restricted (and the airport itself doesn’t have an FRZ) but a quick google of the airport suggests it’s used for test flights of large UAVs and drone (and anti-drone) systems. Personally, I’d be checking for NOTAMs and, even without them, keeping pretty vigilant eye out at all times.

Let’s just say, it’s probably not somewhere I’d send my drone off to with a friend who I didn’t think would pass the multiple-choice DMARES test :wink:

…and if he prangs it or loses it? wonder how the insurance would view it…if you have insurance… :rofl:

Shell Island (ex RAF Llanbedr) used to be the base for the target drones, was also the base for an old Canberra that flew round and round (don’t know why).
The base is now a private airport/field but I think it only works on week days now.
According to Drone Scene “Danger area” at intermittent times, from Surface to 2000ft

Is there a way to know when those danger areas are active?
Is it likely that they will post NOTAMs?

Best check with ATC/Control tower

Llanbedr Tower, Tel: 01341-241356

Check UK AIP on NATS UK | UAS Restriction Zones

I always get notifications of major NOTAMS from CAA Skywise

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Thanks all, forgot about checking FRZ, i will chat to him about registration when he gets it Tuesday.

Dronescene and drone assist be links sent to him to confuse him more.

@JoeC yea that shell island :+1:

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Only needs DroneScene :wink:


Agree that’s if he signs up!! otherwise the free good 2 go and same maps altitudeangel but app instead.

He sorted out CAA and unbelievable done Flyer ID got 30 out of 40, said it was just commonsense and guess work :scream:

Confused here as I’ve always taken out dji care refresh on my drones and never looked anywhere else for insurance.

He asked should he insure it and I said would it be worth it £350, I gave him the link to a guide to hobbyist drone insurance.

He said he filled in some simple questions at coverdrone it asked no questions on his drone or price and quoted £19 annually!! Surly this is wrong as I see over £100 + covers mentioned here

@ziceman Sounds to me like he has got a quote for only public liability insurance not including cover for the drone

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Yes you are correct @SirGunner

Q3: if required are you in possession of a ‘Permission to Fly’ from your national aviation authority? Selected yes now and now has next page shows drone cover. £48

Probably like all insurance, if you skip certain questions to find the cheapest deal, when it all goes wrong you wished you paid that little bit extra