Opinions on this

Hi. I am getting on, and my eyes can’t see the real small pads on FC’s too well now. I am looking at getting this? Or does anyone have a better recommendation? Bit pricey mind.

Better than keep asking your misses to hold some thing for you …pricey …but we live in rip off UK…

I use one of these.



Cracking buy at £25 as I think I paid double that.

It obviously does not hold the work piece but it’s got nice clear optics and really bright.

The one you linked looks pretty good as well.


It’s alright. I bought this…

And I asked the misses to hold the wire once. ONCE!

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Yeah I’m going to have to make a crocodile contraption with this. But should be doable.

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Might work well with a mini vice.


Like the nuclear bit. Going to make an octopus type crocodile clip type jobby to hold the wires and pcb.