Ordering a Jumper T16 Pro Radio

im going to be buying the Jumper T16 Pro Radio Transmitter Hall Gimball 2.4G 16CH Open Souec Multi protcol RC Transmitter with the RF1 Receiver do i buy a 2S battery for the transmitter to

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I’d look at comparisons between the Jumper T16Pro and the recently released Radiomaster TX16S, as the latter is reported to be of a better build quality, and it’s cheaper.

As for batteries, both models will accept 18650 cells which will have a higher capacity per volume compared to a LiPo, and will not be permanently damaged if accidentally discharged below the operating voltage.


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ok thank you do u have to buy a different charger for that type of battery then

The jumper is a good radio however the build quality has really let it down. The radiomaster is shaping up to be a far better buy imho

I’m not up to speed on the Jumper but I do know that the Radiomaster has a dedicated USB port for charging the 18650 cells while in the radio.


one more question lol
wood u buy the TX16s hall version with or with out the TBS Version im only going to be flying at the min a dji air unit with goggles and i have to find a receiver to go with it sorry for the million questions lol

The latest version of the jumper does internal charging via the usb c in the top.

But the over all build quality I think needs to improve.

If your planning on only
Flying digital it may be worth considering the Dji controller. I use it now for all my quads and have now Iv got used to it a good controller

if u had to buy one for the first time which one wood u buy the jumper t16 pro or the radiomaster tx16s version and wot receiver with both

Personally I’d go for the Radiomaster. Even with the HAL effect gimbals it’s cheaper than the Jumper. The screen fitted to it is also a touch version but waiting on a firmware update to enable it.

As for receivers I’d say anything by FrSky. I’ve been using FrSky receivers for around seven years and I’ve never experienced a dropout or a failsafe. I do have some Spektrum DSM2/DSMX receivers and a box load of OrangeRX DSM2/DSMX receivers but I only use these on novelty park flyers.

I suppose a lot depends on what you envisage flying in the future. When I built my first hexacopter I was using a Turnigy 9XR with a FrSky DJT module in the back of it. As my builds became more complex I needed something with greater flexibility and went with the Taranis X9D, which I still use today. I’ve built my own multiprotocol module for flying Bind and Fly models. But if my Taranis decided to give up the ghost today I would be looking at the Radiomaster as it’s replacement.



Is the hack to unlock the power above 25mw reliable?

That would be against the law in the U.K.

That being said the naco.txt and nacopwr.txt solutions do work with the latest firmware.

As above however it would be well worth considering the radiomaster…

The thing about this hobby is one thing leads to another and the Dji controller is pretty restrictive especially if you later want to fly anything other than a quad.

I currently have
Jumper t16 pro
Frsky x7
Dji controller
Tbs tango2

I really would suggest the radiomaster

I have the frsky xlite which seems to do the trick

Just ordered up the tbs crossfire adapter

I wouldn’t recommend frsky products at the moment. Jumper and radiomaster have totally left them in the dust and the new access protocol is a terrible terrible thing

Whats that?

Frsky making d8 totally unavailable and locking out other “compatable” systems it’s basically a really shitty move.

Oh well, if I switch to crossfire I won’t be using d8… Just using it for the controls not the TX I guess…?

If you have the original xlite you got nothing to worry about tbh. Just don’t update to access firmware