Orientation Display

Sorry, another question from me! Why does the little triangle in the Aircraft Orientation Display, showing the position of the aircraft, sometimes appears as if it is nearly behind me when the Mavic Mini is obviously in front of me? Also sometimes the Orientation Display flashes red?

Oh well! I guess I will have to accept that this function is unavailable to me. YouTube is usually a help but in this case - not!

Hi Overthehill I just had a quick google and found this on youtube.

Looks like its probably an issue with your phone rather than the Mini. It says you need to calibrate the compass in your phone if its working but not accurate and if its red then the GPS is off on your phone and you just need to turn the location on in your phone. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


The last time I flew, the the Orientation Display showed that the Mini was behind me. Before I started the iPhone SE 2020 compass was showing north correctly. On landing I looked at the compass again to find that North was showing South and East was showing West. Seriously weird! Have come to the conclusion that there is a bloody big magnet hidden in the bowels of the controller.

There could well be lol but would still be worth a quick recalibration of the phone compass just incase. It would be a strange design to put a big magnet into a controller in a position that would cause problems with a feature on the drone surely?

Just had another quick look on you tube and found this. I suspect this is your issue and may well be a solution for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the link Sir Gunner. I think my problem is far worse than on the YouTube video. I have heard that if the phone is put in a holder it would solve this issue. The phone would then be several inches away from the controller. A longer cable would also be required.

Checked the compass reading on my iPhone. North was pointing north. Attached to controller. Flew for twenty minutes and landed. Checked iPhone compass again. North was pointing south!!! Disconnected phone from controller and the needle did a 180 degree sweep. North pointing north again. Go figure!!!

You weren’t at the North Pole were you :wink:

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No, but I suspect the south of England is now in the Bermuda Triangle!!!

Did you try rotating your phone 180 degrees in the holder and leaving a gap between controller and phone like in the video?

I couldn’t because I haven’t got a long enough lead.
I think it might be a good idea to get a longer lead and a mobile holder that will take my phone several inches up and away from the controller, although if there is another ‘cure’ that would be preferable.