Other Legitimate Interests - CAA’s take on those who May wish to stop us

Other Organisations and bodies who wish to stop us flying the CAA’s take on that :—

“The CAA cannot provide advice on what is, or is not, a legitimate interest or whether restrictions or fees are being lawfully imposed by other authorities. However, any authority or regulatory body should be able to identify the specific laws, regulations or bye-laws that empower it to regulate the use of UAS, or more usually, the land from which they are operated, much as the CAA has set out the regulations that it applies, above. We therefore recommend that if you are unsure of whether a restriction imposed by a body legitimately applies to your flight, you request that information from the relevant authority or regulatory body.

UAS operators and remote pilots are also reminded that ANO Article 241 provides that a person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.”


Also in the ANo article 240 it is illegal for a person to endanger an aircraft, including interfering with the person responsible for flying that aircraft. This is particularly important if a UAS pilot is approached by a member of the public or authorities. The pilot must be given opportunity to safely RTH, land and shutdown without interference.


Have you a link to that document/section please.
Even better a PDF of Document?.

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Happy reading the ANO is pretty much every CAA regulation for flying. Just head to page 112 of the CAP


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Is this the page you are on about:

Easy mistake Alex document page No not necessarily what you device shows up your on page 84 there not p112

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So he was referring to the real page 112?

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For future reference, when referring to legislation you can link to individual chapters and clauses via the government legislation website e.g. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2016/765/article/240 in this case. Saves bothering about page numbers!


Oh that’s good will save me lots of camera memory space! hate it when sometimes a ‘War & Peace’ Size book is quoted and it turns out in the end your just looking for 1 sentance :smiley:

Couple of Q’s Kevin

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How do you ‘call’ that up?

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You need to know the name of the relevant legislation (Air Navigation Order 2016 in this case), google should take you to the UK Legislation website, follow links until you find the bit that’s relevant. It’s not a very mobile-friendly website, unfortunately, but on my android phone using Google Chrome as the browser, there is a Share icon on the menu bar which allows the link to be copied to clipboard.

The legislation website has a backlog of amendments to various laws (including the ANO), so sometimes information is out-of-date. In this particular case, I think the ANO Amendment Orders 2018 and 2019 haven’t been addressed yet, which is significant as they made big changes to Article 94 (drones) of the ANO.

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Thanks for explaining that much appreciated

I use iPhone and sometimes it lets you link sites and sometimes not Or maybe it’s the sites themselves I’m sure ive tried on CAA before but I’ll give that a go again

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But I was referring to the PDF of the ANO not the legislation webpage.

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