Otter Estuary, Budleigh Salterton

My 1st video with my Mini 2 of the Otter estuary at Budleigh Salterton in Devon and also my 1st post here after lurking for a while.

I need to slow down my camera & drone movements quite a bit & learn how to use DaVinci Resolve better :slight_smile:

21:24 on May 3rd - YouTube still processing HD & 2K version at the mo, sorry for low quality.

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Hi. In addition to your self appraisal can I offer some advice? Learn how to be ruthless when editing your footage. This video is probably 9 to 10 minutes too long for most viewers.

So only 1-2 minute videos are the thing in general or just on this forum?

I assume you were being sarcastic in relation to my ‘self appraisal’ :thinking:

Hope you don’t mind some advice. I would limit your films to 3 - 4 mins max, no one will watch an 11 minute film. Also, as has been said you have to be ruthless when editing, you have to be your own critic and take out the parts you don’t like. Don’t show your start/stop, jerky turns etc. it needs to be slow and smooth. I didn’t watch all 11 minutes, but I did see some nice slow parts and the scenery looks great. I’m sure you could edit this down to a good short film. Also try to think about composition too when flying, think the Rule of Thirds and keep your horizon away from the centre of the frame. (IMHO :+1:)

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The length of the video should depend on your target audience @1CM69

Videos for friends and family, videos for clients, etc can probably be any length you like.

As per recommendations above, videos for the general public should be kept to a minimum length.

People simply won’t watch more than a couple of minutes unless the video contains subject matter close to their hearts. Which in 99% of all videos simply won’t be the case :blush:

There’s a reason adverts on TV are only 30 seconds long. It’s all about attention span :wink:

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