Our holiday home last week


A look at Howard’s End and surrounding area. Middleton on the Hill, which sits mid way between Ludlow and Leominster

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Nice video - lovely colours.

This gets you the Green Flyer badge for all that scenery and, whilst we’re at it, the Golden Hour Flyer badge! :wink: :+1:


Oh! Thx!

I claim my Buttock Clencher badge too!



“Buttock clencher”, nah !!
“Tree Surgeon” or “Lumberjack Badge” ,
Yes !!.:deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:

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I did cut the 10 mins of footage looking out of the undergrowth! I thought it had gone into the copse but luckily it fell on the edge and I was able to use the “find my drone” alarm to locate it :joy: