Out N About

Still a bit to go on my photographing skills, more a test of Drone… going further and higher…LOL…
Balgillie Reservoir, Leslie house, and a small turbine,… might get back up to turbine and try and get the whole shadow in…


What’s that jutting out in to the reservoir in the first pic @Cobblers?

@PingSpike i think it just a wee jetty. possibly for launching boats? or getting water samples?

@PingSpike I googled this after hovering over one and still couldn’t work out what it was.

Its an intake tower. It’s where they draw off drinking water to be treated. There’s holes at different depths. Idea is it takes water from the centre so there is less debris.


Interesting! Thanks @callum

Nice pics…every time I see pics like these it makes me hanker for the time to get up and at 'em!

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