Over and Above Badge

The Over and Above Badge has usually been awarded within a thread where someone has helped another member search for, and retrieve, a lost drone … and the like. So a specific thread has never been needed before.

Obviously, there is no need for this badge to be awarded for a single specific deed, but is equally justified for an accumulation of (seemingly) lesser acts of assistance. And it is for this reason that this thread has been created today.

A lot of what this individual posts will go way over the head of the average member who lives in the “ready to fly out of the box” and “if it’s not working, someone else can fix it, and if they can’t then I’ll buy a replacement - if DJI Refresh doesn’t bail me out” world.

Some members, however, want to understand what’s not working as it should, but don’t have the knowledge/experience to know where to start solving the problem. As a result they post a “Help!” message and, within a short period, there will be a detailed post with possible explanations for the problem, associated solutions (… that the member wanting assistance then has to try and decipher :crazy_face:), with diagrams and photos to assist.

All this is a rather long winded explanation as to why we have awarded this badge to @nidge.

It carries with it our appreciation for answering questions that we probably can’t, and I’m sure the appreciation of those that you’ve helped.



1000% deserved. I often don’t understand the technicalities that @Nidge posts but I always look forward to reading them :laughing:


Spot on. Getting excellent advice from Nidge regarding my CGO3+ camera thats having a hissy fit at the moment. :+1:


Well done Nidge - well deserved :+1: :+1: :+1: :clap:


Very much deserved! Thanks Nidge for all the effort you put into your replies. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Congrats @Nidge
Well deserved mate

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Nice one, well done! :+1:

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Well done @Nidge, Always helpful and knowledgeable.

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Congratulations @Nidge, well deserved. :clap:

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I leave the house in the morning forgetting to take my phone with me and come home to this thread.

I am genuinely flabbergasted, in a very good way, and humbled.

This hobby, or obsession, has so many facets within it and it would be an impossible expectation for one person to master everything. That’s where a very well run forum such as this is paramount. My perceived expertise is the electrickery stuff but at the same time. I find things such video production a very dark and mysterious art, and I have learnt a wealth from the video uploads and technical posts from others.

Thank you to the hard working members of the GADC for all you do, and to all the members who make this site such a successful and friendly haven in a hostile digital world.

Regards to All.

A very humbled Nidge.


Well done Nidge mate :slight_smile:


Well done nidge you truly deserve the honour mate :clap::sunglasses:



Well done @Nidge.

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Bravo sir, well deserved too :clap: :clap:

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Well done :star:

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Well deserved :star: :mortar_board: :medal_sports:


Well Done Nidge, from another holder of this unique badge !.