Over current during discharge

Hi guys, just been out on a quick flight around the field and had a warning pop up mid flight.
I was about 10 mins in to my flight, in sport mode.
And the warning that I get reads: “overcurrent during discharge”
Now, not going to lie, I shat my self thinking it’s going to fall out of the air and returned it promptly back to me, :anguished: never seen this before so was just after your advice?
Thanks in advance.

It looks as though you are not alone


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Looking at various threads on the dji forums it seems to be quite a common fault with the MP,
Looks like it doesn’t cope to well with both stick forward to well in sport mode. In saying this I’ve done this plenty of times and never experienced this warning before. Perhaps I’ll just take it easy on my next couple of flights and monitor it, rather that than have my bird fall out the sky :tired_face::grimacing:

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Personally I’d only worry if that pops up while in the hover and after landing I find a motor that’s too hot to hold for 3 seconds.
Keeping an eye on it is a good idea though…:+1:


if you see this back off power ,this happens when in sports and climbing , this cause my drone to fall out of the sky a few years ago lucky found drone and DJI repaired foc ,

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Did they repair it for free?


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Was it within warranty?

Took her out for another flight today, all seems good with no warnings, but one thing I didn’t do was go to mad in sport mode. Hopefully it was just a one of thing. :grimacing::crossed_fingers:t4:

Yes it was under warranty, they looked at flight record and the repaired , free
Cost of repairs would have been £500

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Oh wow okay that was lucky then I presume that you bought the drone through DJI?