Over the top?

I decided to make my registration look slightly official. My Mavic Air is the smallest in the fleet so the label was scaled for that. After a quick design in GIMP I bought £5.99 worth of printing from diysignwriting on ebay

The £5.99 gets you 1300 x150mm of space. You can place as many of the same image as you wish to fill the space at whatever size. They come back pre-cut so peel off the sheet easily, I believe they will irregular shapes as well. I ended up with 96 stickers which is definite overkill but I have several projects on the go and a wreck or two to rebuild so I will be using quite a few stickers.

Next designs will be for an official looking flyer id on a decent lanyard and an “Aerial Surveyor” yellow vest :slight_smile:


Agreed :rofl:

But top job, thanks for sharing!