Overcoming one of my fears

let me know if this does not upload


Hols 021 shark 1


JAWS :grimacing:

It was an adrenaline rush for sure

recovered Dive Pics.docx (9.2 MB)

not sure if those recovered pics uploaded properly

I thought I had lost them but recovered them from an old hard drive on a scrapped PC of mine see if you can spot the sand shark in one of the pics

where was this?

Dave, please let me know how you’ve got the drone down there?:yum::yum::yum:
Seriously now, it’s quite something diving with sharks. I snorkelled above them in the Bahamas but got the hell out of there when the began to circle upwards. Must have been a record time to get back into the safety of the boat


silkies or black tip reef sharks?

Stuart cove in the Bahamas we did a shark awareness specialty course in the morning then two dives the second the shark feed when I took that shot of the feeder he was the one wearing chainmail I was as just dressed like a seal :scream::joy: we recon there was about 40 reef sharks all about 6 ft with about 6 much bigger

Yes I love them now I will follow them until they tell me to piss off

I love this. I don’t have a fear of sharks… ( went cage diving for 2 days in Gansbaai… god 10 years ago now), my fear is real diving, not sure if I could ever do it… I would love to but… maybe one day!

They are amazing and obviously can be unpredictable, the feeling you get when they swim right up to your face then just past you, I had a great video of this dive cost 25$ for a professional who came down with us and you get all the does and don’t like don’t try and touch them which goes out the window when your there, if you put your hand on their skin it’s smooth nose to tail and like sand paper the other way and they are very sensitive at their nose which is their radar for all their perceptions.

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I dove with sharks in southern egypt many years ago no cage, in open water, hamerheads were majestic. i found they as the alpha preditors where not intrested in us at all and kept swiming past without a care ! needless to say it didnt take long for me to breath through my 15l cylinder lol. beautiful creatures but they deserve utter respect as like you say are very unpredictable

That was so funny watching the bubbles rising from each person in the circle as the camera swept round behind us it got noticeably quicker and more in depth group of bubbles :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol it’s an amazing feeling being faced with an eating machine

my wife??

care to elabourate ?

… aka a joke… as my wife once said to her work colleagues, she could eat me under the table… OK I will get my coat…

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