Overloaded props?

Took the Evoque out for a couple of speed runs this afternoon - once with the OEM Nazgul F5 props fitted then with the more aggressive 5051 props off my old Eachine Wizard.

Concerning was what I saw after the flight with the 5051s - these were all brand new before the flight, but all showed signs of having been bent at the blade roots ( note areas of lighter plastic )…maybe they just aren’t designed for full-beans 6S !

Needless to say they are being swapped back to the original props.

Post edited now I’ve gone through the log data - the 5051s were about 2mph faster at 115mph


Looking at where the plastic has been stressed on the upper surface only, where the blade is cantilevered upwards from the hub, I think it has been caused by centrifugal force causing a downward bending moment on the blade

So you’re saying the props are ‘flattening out’? Have I got you right?

Yes - not something that affects ‘normal’ props with the blades level with the hub

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