P3S firmware

I’ve read on another group page that the latest firmware update reduces range and people are rolling back to previous versions.

Anyone had experience of this?


Not first hand with the P3, but with the Inspire this happened a couple of times at various points, along with much debate, hence most people pick a FW that works for them and they stick with it :slight_smile:

Are you still able to roll back without modding?

I don’t know to be honest. I’ve done the magic mod, but that’s all. I’m guessing it won’t like being rolled back?

Having just re-read this I thought I’d go see what they’ve added, as it’s been a couple of years since DJI updated the firmware for the P3.

Current release notes (for the P3Std) are dated 23/06/2017.

Are you sure they’ve even released an update?! :thinking:

I had to roll back the lastest firmware on my P3S, because the update was not compatible with my samsung phone. App would not load after update, dji sent me a link to roll back to previous version. This was back in October 2019 on the last update for P3S.
In the past i have often found, range and height have been restricted for, NOT updating the App on phone when there has been an update.

@mlwats sorry mate, you’ve lost me, are you talking about an app on your device or the firmware on your aircraft?

The update you posted is the one I’ve got. I just keep losing signal but it could be me not having the antenna in the right place or anything. The furthest I have flown is about 450m with the terrain dropping in front of me but then I was having signal drop out.

I might upgrade the antenna on the controller at the end of the month and see if that helps.