P4A+ Controller Maps

OK straight to the point, recently sold my absolutely mint condition Phantom 4 Advanced Plus on ebay. Zero faults, was working perfectly. Buyer now saying it’s faulty (well, the controller at least). He’s saying maps are just showing a blank screen and also the shortcut button on the controller that toggles maps/live view isn’t working. I feel he may be trying to pull a fast one but assuming the fault report is true what can be done to rectify the issue?

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Is it using GO3 or GO4, I can’t remember?

Where I’m heading with that… DJI keys expired for Google Maps many a year ago and they started moving towards Here maps for a while.

Is he simply running an old app?

Other possible causes, he isn’t connected to the internet :man_facepalming:

Or… he doesn’t have a GPS signal indoors so the map simply isn’t able to load.

Without you being able to try stuff though, to confirm or deny, it’s gonna be real difficult for us to help you :confused:

GO4 iirc. If he gets back to me I’ll ask the questions.

Unrelated I sold a Mavic mk1 a while back, months later buyer complained about severely distorted live feed. He’d bumped it and damaged the camera, tried to get me to foot the repair bill!