P4Pv2.0 aka P4P Platinum released

I’m seeing social media noise that this has happened … tho nothing official or specs as yet.
As they say … watch this space! :wink:

Edit: First “confirmation” … http://www.73buzz.com/dji-phantom-4-pro-v2-0-latest/

Pre-order on Heliguy - https://www.heliguy.com/dji-phantom-4-pro-v2-p5095

(specs there too)

Bloody stupid naming convention!!!

Phantom 4 Pro V2 ffs… :exploding_head:

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And available for Pre-order at @HobbyMounts - Product not found! - with specs.

I’ve seen that it’s also the “Platinum” = “P4PP”. :rofl:

Edit: I won’t be buying one. The MP2, however … :wink:

So the main difference is Occusync and noise reduction.

I quite fancy one, had been looking at P4P for a while.

Camera sensor? Can’t recall what it was before.

Dammit! Just call it the Phantom 5!

Otherwise in two years from now I’ll probably be flying a “DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 3 Advanced Alpine White 7.6 v2 Edition” or something?!

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Same size and bit rate. I’ll need to find spec of original.

I’ll get (a bit more) excited if the MP2 has the same camera, same speed, same … for less! :rofl:

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Actually, I’ve seen speculation that the MP2 WILL have a better camera and speed … but the price could be a lot more than the current ones. :confused:

I was kinda hoping the new phantom would step up to a 4/3 sensor. The mavic 2 could then come in with 1".

I can’t really see the mavic 2 getting a 1" sensor now. With the flagship phantom remaining on 1" and 4/3 for inspire, they would really need to hike the price of the new mavic and have it on same tier as the P4P 2.

Only rumours … but I’ve seen just that suggested.

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Really, I can’t “justify” what I’ve already got … so upgrading is unlikely whatever the spec of the MP2 when it emerges.

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Have to admit ,the mavic 2 does interest me,but very happy with current mpp.However IF and when the autel evo comes out i may be tempted:sunglasses: