Pano from above the Sea Mist!


I was out early for the Golden Hour Challenge yesterday on the coast at Portsmouth and was fortunate to have a sea mist come in as I arrived. This Pano was before the sun was over the horizon, so it was a bit of a challenge for the Mavic Air sensor, but it does make for an atmospheric panorama. Though I wish I had been closer to the spinnaker Tower - maybe next time!


You know you can get Kuula panos to display here?


just been trying, did it easy on iPad but not sure why not know?


In Kuula, click on Share->Embed->HTML … then double click on the HTML to highlight it all, copy it, then paste here on a new line.

Make any of the settings you want on the right panel before double clicking the HTML.

Also - make sure there’s no space before the initial “<iframe”


Thanks Dave

Persevered and it was a problem with my cut and paste as the start and finish < > had been converted to different symbols? - no idea why?


Wow :scream:

Stunning photo Brian!!


That seems to happen if you drag-highlight … but not if you double-click to highlight.

Or you could just edit the symbols back to < and >?

Ah - I see you got there. Looks SO good in the thread!!! :+1: :+1:


Thanks Rich


Thanks Dave

Double click worked on the latest one I have just uploaded :+1:


Nice 1 Brian
Looks like Antonio bay…


Thanks, yes I have heard that has a similar mist on a regular basis which is something to see, unless you are a boat captain!


Top Marks!! Brian


Thank you


Stunning pano Brian.

The mist really adds to it, one of the best I’ve seen.


The word ‘superb’ or ‘fabulous’ just don’t seem adequate superlatives to describe the photo.
Well done for capturing this lovely shot, and equally, a big thank you for sharing


That’s superb Brian.



@callum @Brian @SteveBell

Thanks all guys, truth is that had it not been for the ‘golden hour challengek I might not have been out then.


That was the same for me with the Treasure Hunt … it got me out to fly more and research places to fly, too.