Pano from Agonda Beach


This is first pano I have managed so far, have had a few disasters, but will tell about those later. Everything here takes longer, won’t try posting anything else for now.

Not getting that space before the <iframes at the beinning of the code anymore.


Here it is again, hopefully with the zoom this time. If you look directly down you will see the place I’m staying, my hut is just near the trampoline.


Colours look wildly off there @AprilCoon - are the RAW JPGs the same? :thinking:


Yeah the colours are not right, the originalwere under exposed in an attempt to reduce the glare when facing the sun, so I may have another go this evening.


Expose by pointing 90deg to the sun, 25% sky 75% ground, and fix that exposure.


Thanks for the tip Dave, I’ll give it a go later when the sun is not so high. Hopefully will get a better result.


OK so this is another try at a pano having taken into account Dave’s tips and when the sun was lower in the sky.

I got the zoom ticked this time I think.


I reckon that’s a goer?
(See what I did there? :wink:)


Hi, no I didn’t see what you have done, what was it?


Goer / Goa :wink:


Ah, yes I see, may have been better if you had written “I reckon that’s a goa”


I did another one this morning which is probably the best yet. I also videoed about 500m along the beach, Oh and was spelling beach wrop earlier.
I will go out this evening as we are leaving here tomorrow, try and go a bit further along beach taking video and get a pano from over the beach


I didn’t want to post another of the same but this is a link if you want to see it


I took quite a bit of video footage which I’ll try to put something together with, I know I have probably asked this before, but which video editing software is the best but also intuitive so it doesn’t take ages to get the hang of. I will want to take clips from a few different files, put them together with some transitions, add a bit of music, and some text for title etc.


This is a slightly better version of the last Pano I did, this time I used the Autocomplete option in ICE, it has certainly improved it.


Thanks for the edit.
Any thoughts on vid editing software?


The flight for this pano, and footage that I haven’t done anything with yet, is the first time flying without vlos, I made sure it had a 100% full charge but was still a bit nervous when over the ocean, which will be more obvious when I get the footage edited, which won’t be untill after I get home in a couple fo weeks.


Nice colours in the one from yesterday. :+1:


The last one you mean? Yeah that one is without any adjustments at all, although I did have a 32ND filter on the MP. It would have been interesting to try it without the filter, I can’t remember the exposure settings but the ISO was at max.


I was actually meaning the previous one.
ND32!? :open_mouth:
You don’t need filters for stills. Definitely not ones that shift the ISO to max! That’s where you’re losing colour.
For stills you want lowest ISO for best colour and least “noise”.