Panorama from old GoPro on Phantom pics

A place I’ve stayed at a couple of time in Sardinia loved the aerial pics I took 4 years ago with the P2+H33D+GoPro Hero3 Black, and instantly added some to their website that advertises their holiday apartments.
They’d lost the original full-res pics, and asked if I still had them.
So, rummaging through my archives I managed to find them, and had a good 30mins looking for shots they’d want.
As I was doing so I noticed a full 360 pan sequence of stills, and thought I’d make a pano from them. (Below.)

HOWEVER … what I also realised is how much I miss the GoPro’s (even an OLD Hero3 Black!) ability to simultaneously take video and “time lapse” stills. I always had it set to 1080p and 1 pic ever 0.5secs.

As a result, I had the perfect set of 9 pics from which to make the pano below … albeit I had a bit of “filling in” to do, since the originals didn’t have the bottom/top view. :stuck_out_tongue:

PLEASE, DJI, add this “simultaneous video and time lapse” feature!!!

Full res version @

The view below … such a peaceful and beautiful … AND cheap! place to stay.

Now, of course, I have about 50,000 GoPro pics to check through! ROFL!


I’m thinking I might get the old P2+GoPro out flying again and make some panos intentionally. :wink:

If only :nerd_face:

It’s a shame DJI and GoPro don’t partner up, properly I mean, and have GoPro cameras / lenses / features, but fitted by default to a Mavic for example :+1:

Hmmm … I’m more than happy not having to remove the GoPro barrel distortion from all my photos, let alone video!!!

Even the ability to take stills during video would be a step in the right direction, if not video+time-lapse. I do appreciate the very important bit rate for video, and this will impact … but, if it’s an option you can switch on/off, for some it’s a small sacrifice that would be acceptable.

Without a video downlink on the P2+GoPro, the time-lapse was a way to “hopefully” get a decent pic. LOL